1. What kind of events can be organized in the Park, and who can rent it?

The Mikri Salamina Sculpture Park offers unique outdoor spaces for events, available to corporations, individual parties and non-profit organizations.

Below you will see a list of examples of possible event types held in the Park:

– corporate cocktail

– seated dinners / gala dinners

– corporate event

– corporate product presentation

– photo shoot location

– fashion show

– theater play

– live music performance

– etc.

2. How can I visit the Mikri Salamina Sculpture Park?

The detailed location can be found here. Individual visits are available by appointment only. Group visits (over 10 people) with a guided tour are possible, subject to a fee. In order to arrange an appointment or enquire about a guided tour, please contact us.

3. Which area of the Park is available for my event?

We don’t limit the rental to one site only, and you are free to choose where you want to celebrate. For your event, the whole Park will be cleaned. As the Park’s main feature is privacy, you may be assured that during your event the Park will be at your full disposal.

4. How much does it cost to rent the Park?

Each event organized at Mikri Salamina Sculpture Park is a subject to separate quote, depending on the type and duration of the event and number of guests. For more information and to get a quote please contact us at info@mikrisalamina.com.

5. What is included in the basic rental price?

The rental fee covers exclusive use of the Park for your event, for a duration and number of people set in an earlier agreement. The Park will be cleaned before, and after the event. For bigger events, we provide a parking coordinator included in the price.

6. How many people can the Park accommodate?

Each site in the Park can accommodate various number of guests (for details, please refer to Explore the Park). In total, the Park can accommodate up to 300 – 380 guests for seated events with dinner, up to 200 guests for performance events in the Amphitheatre (no tables) and up to 500 guests (at one time) for standing cocktail receptions.

7. Do you provide catering services?

The well chosen catering is necessary for a successful event. Therefore, we work closely with tested suppliers to assure the best experience for our guests. The list of our preferred vendors can be found here. When it comes to coordinating the event, you can choose to do it yourself, or use our assistance – we will be happy to help you organize a perfect event and take care of all the details. For information, please contact us using the contact form, or at info@mikrisalamina.com.

8. Can music be played during an event in the Park?

Live, high quality music suites the venue best, creating a unique, classy atmosphere for your event. We are happy to advice on a choice of musicians. As to amplified music, please note that due to noise regulations, any loud music must be completely ceased by 23:00. After this time, only low level music is allowed, with music stopping completely at 23:30. Please take that into consideration when planning your event.

9. What happens if it rains on my event day?

Normally at the time of the booking you will have an idea of what weather you can expect in that certain time of the year. Cyprus is usually sunny and warm, and the temperature in Fasoula is always a few degrees less than on the seaside. In order to plan your event well (i.e. avoid excessive sun or rain), you can choose to use a tent, which can be provided by our one of our preferred vendors.

10. Is there parking available?

The parking for the event guests is situated along the road leading to the Park, and for bigger events we provide a parking coordinator.

11. Is there a dressing room available?

Yes, there is a designated dressing room adjacent to toilets, just next to the Amphitheatre.

12. May I rent chairs, tables or tents?

All chairs, tables and tents can be provided by a preferred vendor you will find on a list. They are familiar with our site and can make your event a beautiful experience for you and your guests. All setup and break-down must be done by an approved vendor.

13. May I decorate?

You may decorate, however without using glue, staples or nails. No sculptures, plants or landscaping can be disturbed. All decorations must be removed after your event.

14. May I have my formal photography session in the Park?

The Park provides exceptional background for any photography session and you are welcome to use it for this purpose. If you will require additional time for photography other than your rental hours, you must schedule an appointment at the rate of EUR100 per hour. Same fee applies if you wish to use the Park for a photo session only, i.e. you are not hosting an event.